About us

Gazit Polygraph Institute is a leading Polygraph institute, the largest and longest-operating one in Israel, with branches all over the country. We serve Israel's leading businesses. All of our specialists have degrees in psychology/related disciplines and have acquired over 50 years of experience. They are all members of the Israeli Polygraph Examiners Association (IPEA), American Polygraph Association (APA), British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA), and have been testifying in Israeli courts of law since 1980.

Gazit Institute helps many organizations in screening their job applicants, as well as closely consulting them in defining sensitive jobs, and conducting periodical polygraph examinations in order to prevent unethical behavior, conduct and maintaining the organization's standards. During our long experience we learned how to combine high professional standards with careful and quick attention to our customer's specific needs.   

The Institute's founder and director, Mordechai Gazit, served as an active director in the Israeli Police Polygraph Labs, and as the president of IPEA from 2007 till 2009

Eran Gazit, also a founder and director of Gazit Polygraph Institute, and a senior instructor of Gazit International Polygraph School, was a member at the APA international committee from 2012 until 2013.           

We offer the following services:

  • Polygraph expert opinions in court
  • Customized polygraph examinations
  • Job applicants screening exams
  • Periodical examinations of employees
  • Computerized reliability, aptitude and personality tests
  • Comprehensive examinations for various job applicants, in correspondence to the job's requirements

Among our customers there are  leading Israeli business, as well as governmental agencies and bodies. All of them thrive through our close attention and tailor-made solutions.

Our principles:

  • Strict adherence to professional standards. Since the human factor significantly affects the reliability of a polygraph examination analysis, all of our examiners have a BA in psychology or criminology, they are certified polygraph examiners, and are members of IPEA, APA, and BEPA. They are therefore among the world's leading professionals. In addition, according to our procedure, any examiner submits his analysis to another examiner, who is unfamiliar with the case, in order to allow an impartial evaluation. 
  • Quick response and customization: the timing of an examination and the result's submission might critically affect the outcome of an investigation or an internel enquiry of an organization. The slightest delay might compormise a preventive operation or even have harmful effects. Relying on experience we have acquired in the tens of thousands  of examinations with people of most diversified population segments all over the world, we can quickly and accurately meet our customer's needs.

We are here for you in our branches all over Israel and in  many other parts of the world.