Forensic polygraph examination

Providing an Opinion: an Expert Polygraph Witness in Court

Providing an Opinion: an Expert Polygraph Witness in Court

Sometimes, during court hearings, the parties raise contradictory factual claims and, consequently, the court requires an objective diagnostic tool which will expose the truth scientifically.

In pursuance of a court order or agreement between the said parties, a polygraph examination should determine the verdict.

Therefore, there is decisive importance for the expert witness to have a proven reputation acceptable to the said parties and the court.

Gazit Polygraph Institute's experts: 

  • Have been recognized as expert court witnesses since 1980
  • Have rich experience in providing evidence in court
  • Have decades of experience in preparing polygraph examinations
  • Are considered experts in both the local and global field
  • The institute's CEO is the president of the Israel Polygraph Examiner's Association
  • Are members of the Israeli, European and American polygraph examiners associations.

In order to coordinate a polygraph examination as evidence in court, the parties should provide the court transcripts in which a decision was made regarding executing an examination or, alternatively, the contents of the agreement reached by the parties, the court's instructions for the examiner as well as the defense and claim documents.