Polygraph examination for businesses

Pre-Employment Polygraph Test

Pre-Employment  Polygraph Test

While examining candidates for job positions, it is possible to measure their capabilities in many fields, but it is not possible to determine the chances of candidates betraying their employer's trust using conventional methods. 

During the classification process, candidates will do their utmost to impress the interviewer and will most certainly not disclose past deeds or their future intentions. Research in this field has indicated that employees betray their employer’s trust only after a period of adaptation to the workplace (which continues for a few months), after they feel more certain and are familiar with the loopholes in the organization.

By using a polygraph examination for job candidates, it is possible to filter out candidates who could cause damage to the organization. Research has unquestionably proven that a person who has betrayed his employers trust in the past will most likely do so again. During the polygraph examination, we would examine whether the candidates acted exceptionally in the past by deviating from the accepted norm. The issues examined during the process are coordinated with the organization in advance in accordance with the organization's nature, the nature of the function and the risks involved therein.

In addition to the polygraph examination, inter alia, the institute offers the following additional services for examining candidates:

  • A detailed personal questionnaire
  • A computerized reliability test
  • A structured interview
  • Computerized capability and personality tests

The institute’s experts will be happy to assist in characterizing the function and adapting the tests to the named job and specific employment environment.

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